Moria Poetry Journal – New Issue

volume 10, issues 2 & 3
fall 2007 & winter 2008



Jesse Ferguson Mary Kasimor Davide Baptiste Chirot

Andy Nicholson Geof Huth Laurel Ransom William Garvin

Diana Magallon and Jeff Crouch Steve Roggenbuck Mark Young

Andy Gricevich Eric Weiskott Laura Harper Thomas Fink

Raymond Farr Michael Crake John Lowther Kyle Schlesinger

Adam Strauss



Mark Wallace on Maryrose Larkin

Aileen Ibardaloza on Eileen Tabios

Jake Kennedy on Andrea Baker

Laura Goldstein on Adam Fieled


2 thoughts on “Moria Poetry Journal – New Issue

  1. May I congratulate you on a website that is intelligent, articulate and such a departure from the dross that the web seems to be full of, that I imagine my general disappointment with our species will change a bit? Thank you. It’s also unusual to encounter a collection of opinions that isn’t supported by verbose preachiness. Again, congratulations and thanks.

  2. Thanks very much, Tim — I’m glad you enjoyed the blog, though I’ve slowed down my posts quite a bit. Perhaps once I’m caught up, things will pick up again!



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