Yo Quiero Molestar


On Parakeets

Practice making love with a terrible sunburn.
Practice walking with little dried peas in your shoes.
Sprinkle sand in your food.
Sprinkle salt in your tea.
Practice pitching your tent in a howling gale.
Soon you will be ready to live in the house on the hill
Next door to the house full of parakeets.



Old Hat

I waited.
My hemoglobin fell like the price of rain.
I had no narratives to impose
until people appeared.
“Molestar, molestar, yo quiero molestar.”



Cloud Versus Cloud

Vast vs. Void
The moment of Truthing.
People telling people through ski masks, Hello.
The anger of swans.
The sadder gallbladder.
The removal of everything harmful from water.
Dogs loving dogs.
A weightlessness question.
A question of patience and what will make good.
The goodness of a promise.
The translucence of a psalm.
Three sharks in a phone booth, two in a stall.
O infinite pieces.
A throat full of wishes.
Gods loving dogs.
The liver/gallbladder.
The removal of stones.
People telling people through a glacier.
The angry Beautician.
The goodness of swing sets.
Shark vs. Hearse vs. Grapefruit,



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