Come to Babel Fruit!



Andrena Zawinski
Taking the Road Where it Leads
While I am Away
Swimming Lessons

Belinda Subraman (audio file)

Amy King
Red With Forever’s Fat Hunger

Susanna Lang
After a Hundred Years

January O’Neil
True Story #2: Missing

Ingrid Wendt
In the Line of Vision
Monika, before Reunification
First Morning in the Santa Caterina:
Villa Serbelloni

Virginia Konchan
Fiat Lux
Letter to a Tourist

Kat Lillian Steiger
The Quiet Child

Naomi Harper
Little Cages

Joelle Renstrom
The Wall
Coming Down With It

Doug Ramspeck
Ghost Snow
One Syllable

Featured Writer

Each issue of Babel Fruit presents an exiled or previously persecuted writer.

Ery Nzaramba

Book Preview

Six Poems from Larry Sawyer’s new chapbook, Disharmonium.


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