Of Auden’s “Nursing Mothers”

In this clip, Noam Chomsky talks about doublespeak.


Political theorist, Ashok Karra, explores my poem, “A Solution to Science, In Part” over at Trailfire.


One thought on “Of Auden’s “Nursing Mothers”

  1. Thanks for the link! Sorry I’ve been quiet, I’ve just been in a asdfghjkish mood lately, busy about lots of crappy things. Hoping a certain someone would come into my life, but not doing anywhere near enough about it.

    It’s interesting to be juxtaposed with Chomsky. I wonder if what happens to us in political discourse is that we take each others’ rhetoric and exploit it for our own purposes, thus creating an atmosphere where doublespeak goes both ways.

    If that’s the setup of the problem – and it’s not a setup I like, peculiar things happen when one reasons from extremes – then we have to wonder whether “good” only reveals itself (if there is such a thing) when hypocrisy has been kept to a minimum. Perhaps that’s another way of looking at the theme of “silence” in certain works of art, not sure. Still watching this clip, though.

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