The War On Poverty?

The American War On Drugs – The Last White Hope,” a new documentary from Sacred Cow productions, questions the legitimacy of “The War On Drugs” by painting a post-Michael Moore picture that investigates beyond the usual users and drug dealers, who are ultimately dubbed the “marketers” of product — not the providers. The C.I.A. is implicated, even by former agents and Gary Webb, as is the private prison industry (link is an excerpt from this documentary) via a range of interviewees that include Tommy Chong, and its ability to resurrect towns on the brink of poverty by providing a gov’t channel for the funneling of funds per imprisoned head and the right to turn non-violent drug users into chattel. Creator and director, Kevin Booth, also explores the effects of legalizing certain drugs and ultimately checks out the scene in Amsterdam to find out just how “horrible” such a society would become.

By the way, one of Booth’s interviewees asks the question above as an alternative to the “War On Drugs” campaign that targets people for slave labor, and instead, seeks to help impoverished people who are prone to turn to drugs.


p.s. Huh?? Did anyone know that before her assassination Benazir Bhutto stated that Osama Bin Laden was murdered? Click here to watch her statement. Also, another claim that Bin Laden is a character and/or an undercover C.I.A. agent appears. At the end of this video, yet another statement that Bin Laden never referred to his organization as “Al Qaida,” until the American media did, can be heard, implying that he was complying with the government’s assessment.



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