A Word From Our Sponsor

Or rather, how about a music break? The Felice Brothers do it up live with “Frankie’s Gun.” If I had a pint and better speakers, I’d be dancing around the room right now:

And here they are in Cornbury, slowing us down with the lovely “Her Eyes Dart Round” —

The Felice Brothers are a folk rock/country rock band from the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, founded in 2006. It is comprised of the five main members Ian, Simone, James Felice, and their friend Christmas, previously a traveling dice player.

The Felice Brothers got their start as a band playing in the New York City Subway, but their musical experience started much earlier. The sons of a carpenter, they would play together on Sundays at their father’s afternoon barbecues. They stayed in a little apartment in Brooklyn and would play at the Subway stations near 42nd. Street and Union Square in Greenwich Village. Now they tour the country, traveling in their “Short Bus“. They went to England in the summer of 2007 to play a handful of shows.

“We put one record out on an English label, and we’ve released all the other stuff ourselves” as James Felice said it. Their music is almost impossible to get your hands on unless you find yourself at one of their shows. [Until now.]

–from Wikipedia — Enjoy!



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