Alanis Undoes It

As an artist, Alanis Morissette just keeps maturing, unlike other pop idols of yore. Her admirable evolution as a person is somewhat evident in the history of her music. Recently, she took Fergi’s hit about lady lumps and ass, shit people mindlessly rock out to and mime in clubs, and slowed it down just enough to make a body feel stupid singing, “If you touch it, I’m-a start some drama … “, complete with Morissette showing just how illustrious the scene of Louis Vuitton hats and dudes grabbing ass really is. Plus, you get a taste of her having fun at the very very end. Enjoy a taste of of “modern day love”!

p.s. If you do wanna rock out, listen to Morissette cover Seal’s “Crazy” with a little twist at the end (I guessed it tho).


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