Wake Up, Have a Poem & a Song

Take a break from the political scene with “Rocky Took a Lover” by Bell X1 (above video makes me happy) and a poem by Rika Lesser:

Let’s throw it out the window

How ever did we spend an entire evening re-bending that wire
sculpture, only to toss it eighteen stories down?
Poor contorted dancer, we gave her whiplash, at least.
The air was so coarse, the friction must have melted her.
I heard no splash in the pool.

This morning I threw the oatmeal out the window.
The air was so cold, the spoonfuls froze into tennis balls.
Naturally, you stood downstairs with a racket.
You volleyed them up to me.

A man in a checkered jacket came to the door.
He claimed to have what we needed; he knew our habits.
Used firemen’s nets–mottled ones.
I insisted on houndstooth.

All afternoon, I stared at Magritte’s enormous comb standing
on its bed,
I lit up a Virginia, pretending to be Brecht.
For the first time I really believed: “Es sind ganz besonders
riechende Tiere …
Es macht nichts, ich bin es auch

It has been raining ever since.
The rain is one enormous damper for your percussive comments.
Have you nothing inviolable to discuss?
Have you no hand to extend?

Rika Lesser, from Pleiades 28.2


And finally, dance around with Sigur Rós (live with Bjork) in Iceland:


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