Amy King: Two New Readings

Somebody just told me that I made the front page of PennSound today! So here I am, in all of my verbal-stumbling glory, complete with a rare pic they found (at least, an older one) – thanks, PennSound! Please enjoy responsibly:

Amy King @ PennSound

Today, we’re happy to announce the addition of two new readings from Amy King — poet, and editor of both the Poetics List and MiPOesias, two integral parts of the contemporary poetics community.

We begin with King’s September 5th, 2008 reading at New York City’s KGB Bar as part of a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society — an event which also included David Lehman, Meghan Punschke and Ana Bozicevic. King read four pieces altogether, starting with “Lidia Dimkovska Has Made a Bomb of My Eyes,” “A Hole in My Name” and “I Hear Like Falling Names” before closing with the long-form poem, “This Opera of Peace.”

One week later, on September 12th, King appeared at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn — a reading which largely showcased poems from her new manuscript, I Want to Make You Safe, including “The Destiny You Choose is the One You Live Through,” “Two If By Land, I Do,” A Bruise That Stains the Teeth” and “Some Pink in Your Color.” She also read “Mildly Free,” from her 2007 collection, I’m the Man Who Loves You.

Both of these exciting recordings are now available on King’s PennSound author page, where you’ll also find readings from the 2007 “Queering Language” Reading Launch, and miPOradio. You’ll also want to check out PennSound’s miPOradio page, for dozens of readings and interviews with some of the most influential voices working in poetry today.


p.s. I’m gearing up to do more poet interviews shortly — one as earlier as next week — so please stay tuned – some great poets on the horizon!


4 thoughts on “Amy King: Two New Readings

  1. These are times
    that load memetic pipelines.
    new burrows,

    And you with
    your new flying anchor
    who cuts clean to the wind.

    May the kliegs find you.
    Remember your near past, that you.
    It makes your radius.
    It has the intruments, your pavement.

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