Dear Deer,

Amy King is in the throes of grading, writing, and other things. She’ll be back soon. In the meantime, enjoy a new video from the last Akron/Family album:

And if you’re really bored, please visit this interview I did with half of the Akron/Family many moons ago — but be careful, the music early on is contagious (& kind of crazed, but only at first):

Boxers or briefs? Bob Dylan or the Flaming Lips? This interview touches on topics so varied, you’ll drink up now and wonder later how you can get in on Akron/Family’s sweet and buoyant sounds. We traverse rough-hewn days in a hot-ass Brooklyn loft to sold-out shows in New York City’s finest indie venues. The landscape is speckled with talk of collaboration and mortared by banter on poetry and song-writing methods. These guys have only just begun, and I feel privileged to have gotten a glimpse into the inner-workings of a band-in-progress. They are bettering and bettering … with an eye out for you.


One thought on “Dear Deer,

  1. Love the “simple” sound of the music from the video! I’m huge on “The Weakerthans” and “The Good Life,” so I guess I have a weakness for this sort of stuff (ironically enough, I can’t get into Wilco).

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