Stay Tuned…

I can’t watch this video, but it’s me about twenty pounds lighter since last year, though I was pretty thin to begin with.  It seems my doc is coming close to a different diagnosis than last year’s, so stay tuned for an interesting update, particularly since the diagnosis might apply to your own G.I. / heart troubles.

Moreover, I finally made it to a recent reading, wearing the ghostly look.  I also think I made some false utterances about writers I’ve read in the past but now misremember, and therefore, misrepresented.  Maybe.  The poems are primarily from two new manuscripts; the first one is forthcoming soon:  SLAVES TO DO THESE THINGS and I WANT TO MAKE YOU SAFE. Ana Bozicevic also makes an appearance in the middle.  Special thanks to Ian and Kimberly Wilder for inviting and hosting us!



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