The Living Room & Office Is Your Dance Floor…

Raise the volume, dance around, and don’t forget to hear the lyrics…

Ms. Mavis Staples:

We were working there that night. Pops called us and told us, “Listen, y’all, this man Martin is here, Martin Luther King, and I want to go to his church. He has a church, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, and would you all like to go?” We said, “Yes, pops. We want to go.” We all went to Dr. King’s church that Sunday morning for an 11:00 service.

We go back to the hotel. Pops called us again. “Listen, you all, I really like this man’s message. And I think if he can preach it, we can sing it.”

We sang it. We started writing freedom songs.

Our purpose was to sing songs that would uplift, you know, lift people and give them a reason to get up in the morning, you know? That’s just — we sing positive, informative messages.

–From Soul Singer Mavis Staples Vocalizes Civil Rights Movement


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