Chicago Poetry Calendar

Chicago Poetry Calendar

Chicago Poetry!

I was in Chicago once for AWP.  I liked the place.  Wish I had more time to explore.  Lots of great poets there too.  I’m thinking aloud here due to recent incidents that have brought Chicago and its poetry scene to my attention.  If you’re actually interested in just how asinine one tiny pseudo-poetry promoter can be, check out Daniela Olszewska’s blog, Jenny Boully’s blog, Kate Durbin’s blog, and Becca Klaver’s blog.  And for those of you who might think C.J. Laity’s apology to Kristy Bowen is sincere, know that he has started a series of hate blogs dedicated to her.  Some apology.  Go twiddle yourself and stew in your woman-hating juices, Laity.

Moreover, if you want to know something about Chicago and the poetry that great city offers, visit the official Chicago Poetry Calendar here. Or check out what publishers like Kristy Bowen are doing here.

Likewise, visiting or living in New York City?  Go no further – the New York City poetry calendar awaits.

Bible Belt much?  Atlanta, GA calendar!  How about further south?  Austin, TX po po calendar!  What’s that other coast?  San Francisco, CA Poetry Calendar!  You mean LA and Buffalo have a poetry scene too?   Oh, I realize I’ve missed oodles of cities and scenes and calendars, but that’s the good thing about blogs — if you want to list your site, pop it in the comments box, please!

Except you, CJL .  “What cracker is this same that deafs our ears / With this abundance of superfluous breath?” – Shakespeare



5 thoughts on “Chicago Poetry Calendar

  1. We actually have two poetry calendars for Atlanta and while they share the majority of the same information, we’ve never been in conflict. As a matter of fact, we try to share information. If you really want to promote poetry and be part of the community, it has to be a selfless act because you love the art. I guess some folks didn’t get the message.

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