How to Say What You Haven’t

EXCERPTS in response to my “The What Else” essay:

That is, it is not shaped by a coherent/canonized value system that’s purposed ideologically against a heteronormative poetic tradition…

It should exist outside the power structure that contains that discourse, but become accessible by readerly politicized positions…

Queerness haunts the machine, articulating differences. We don’t know what it means totally but we think it’s without totality…

The monster tells the truth because of the difference, the difference makes it monstrous…

When a queer poetics, in its liquidity, pours into an ideological shape — the result doesn’t re-form queerness, it queers the form…

Its subject is subjectivity; its author is a performance artist and a scientist writing out emotional math in the theater of meaning…

Read the whole shebang, dear you.  Find out what you never said but suspected.

More Questions and Examples” by Christopher here.


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