The “I Like Amy King A Lot” Interview


* You’re very involved in participating in the poetry community. What motivates you to be involved with so many projects? What do you get from all your projects?

* What is your best coping mechanism for the AWP experience? Do you enjoy participating in the conference?

* There is a lot of criticism of the poetry scene in New York. I recently read Daniel Nester’s essay “Goodbye to All of Them” in The Morning News where he reflects on his experience as a poet in NYC and that reflection is not a positive one. What has your experience been like as a poet in the city? Does living in NYC influence your identity as a poet and does the urban experience ever show up in your work?

* Are poetry readings important for the writing community? What do you do, as host and curator, to keep your audience coming back?

* When I write, I often feel like I’m telling the same story over and over and I’ve become quite comfortable with that because there are a few things that interest me so much that I always want to write about them. Do you feel like there are principal themes you continue to revisit in your poetry?

* What do you love most about your writing?



2 thoughts on “HTMLGIANT

  1. Excellent interview. I think the “Nester Effect” is by no means confined
    to the scene in NYC. It is particularly strong in the pilgrimage routes
    of PoAvPo to Mecca and Medina (NYC/Brooklyn and SF/Oakland) from
    the heartlands, but it’s all over, in other Po veins, with very different people.
    You pointed the hardship and expense of NYC. That’s a good doorway
    to the crux. Add the school debt-load for many, and the sluggish times
    for jobs. There are local pockets of striving and marginalization all over
    the country, too, and all the social side-effects that recognition famine breeds. That last bit extends outside poetry a bit….sorry, digression. Anyway: good stuff.
    I think your persistence, generosity, and letting an early win ripen in time
    have worked well. Cheers!

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