Getting to Know Mr. Knott

Giorgio de Chirico

So I bought Nights of Naomi and found this poem:


Ten Tibetan lesbians join hands to form the beautiful skingraft called sleep
With bare hands of flood they caress the yellow machinery floating out of my ears
Because just as the holding hands is burned up in the embrace the
Meanwhile all the room’s corners are visible in one mirror
Held up by foam

–from Nights of Naomi by Bill Knott


Mr. Knott recently encouraged me to post a PayPal button, so I looked him up. Memorius 6. Read his poems here freely. I posted the PayPal button too as thought experiment.  I am listening to Sparklehorse today – RIP – & preparing for tomorrow’s installment in the book of interviews with Ron Padgett.  Carry on this-existence.


p.s.  Come to the Stain of Poetry  this Friday, March 19th @ 7 p.m. and buy me a drink.  Or I’ll buy you one.



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