National Poetry Month

Gently Read Literature
2nd Year Anniversary

When Will We Stop Swimming?  Nathan Logan on Amy King’s Slaves To Do These Things

In the Beginning: Dennis Etzel Jr. on Mathias Svalina’s Destruction Myth

You’ve Been Warned: Jen Michalski on American Soma by Savannah Schroll Guz

Lost Inside Maryam: Marcia Lynx Qualey on Mansoura Ez Eldin’s Maryam’s Maze

My Turn to Praise: Rick Marlatt on Jack Henry’s With the Patience of Monuments

Slip Back Into Living: Glenda Burgess on JW Marshall’s Meaning A Cloud

The Dialogue of Origin and Ear: Zach Savich on Joshua Harmon’s Scape

Temporary Stars: David James on Keith Taylor’s If the World Becomes So Bright

Without That Tequila: James Tolan on Kim Addonizio’s Lucifer at the Starlite

Breaking the Law: Jim Ruland on Patrick Somerville’s The Cradle


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