My Other Voice

Not *my* voice per se — Nic Sebastian brilliantly reads “A Hole in My Name,” complete with accent from elsewhere (can anyone detect the origin??). Nic’s voice transforms the poem into a legitimate experience!

Hear the poem by clicking *here*!  Thanks, Nic!


Here is Nic’s “About” —

Dear Poet X – I am writing to ask your permission to record and post recordings of your poems A & C, which appear online in locations Y & Z. The recordings will form part of a larger project, the idea for which evolved generally out of a recent interview series on “Poets & Technology” and specifically, out of a suggestion made by Amy King in her responses to those interview questions.

Asked about what technology can still do for poetry, Amy said: “If every poet were to record just one book of poems that they loved for the rest of us to listen to, and not just their own poems, how excellent would that be?”



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