A Geography of Pleasure



The Water’s Piety in Doubt and Question
by J. Michael Martinez
It Is Especially Dangerous To Be Conscious of Oneself
by Jeff Alessandrelli

by Brandon Downing

The Massachusetts Book of the Dead
by Katie Peterson

Coney Island Avenue
by Andy Fitch

Length of Fetch
by Jesse Lichtenstein

A Geography of Pleasure
by Amy King

Descend, Descend
by Samuel Amadon

Vertigo & Bone Room
by Julie Doxsee
from Rosalia
by Molly Gaudry

The Kingdom of Blizzards
by Michael Rerick

The Erotic Life of Art: A Séance with William Carlos Williams
by Eileen R. Tabios

Topic Sentences
by Dot Devota

We Know in 2010, We Survive
by Claire Becker

The Personal History of Wind
by Jennifer Denrow

Dark Highway
by Zvonko Karanović
trans. by Ana Božičević

ALSO, FEMINIST PRESS CELEBRATES “40 UNDER 40” – Join us on Monday, October 18, at 6pm at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan to celebrate our 40th anniversary.  Guess who’s an honoree?


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