Women Don’t Travel & Write

Women don’t travel and write about it, or so the New Yorker’s Bill Buford might have us believe via the Best American Travel Writing 2010.  Actually, the truth is that one of the 20 essays included is written by a woman.  My bad.

We’re still watching what the rest of the 2010 “Best of American” series editors select…

But for the moment, I’ll give you one guess how many women have been interviewed for the Paris Review over the years (1950s to the present)!  Ready to be shocked?   Visit the horse’s mouth to find out for yourself!

What women writers would you interview?  Suggestions?  I’m all ears!


2 thoughts on “Women Don’t Travel & Write

  1. Here are a few suggestions of women writers I think ought to be interviewed: Dorothy Allison, the German novelist Julie Zeh, Toronto poet Dionne Brand, Sharon Mesmer, Ariana Reines, Becky DeVito, Sabine Miller, Marya Berry, last never least — Ana Božičević, and your very self, Amy.

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