Dancer Bronislava Nijinska — Man Ray 1922

Nijinska created choreography for the highly acclaimed Diaghilev’s production of ‘Le Train Bleu’ (1924, aka… The Blue Train), a ballet about the exodus of Paris society to Riviera in the South of France each summer on the train called ‘Le Train Bleu’. In that production Nijinska created a special ambiance through the language of dance, she introduced angular and geometrical movements and organized dancers on stage as interactive groups, that alluded to images of sports activities , such as golf, tennis and recreational games on a beach. Nijinska herself performed in the role as Tennis player. In ‘Le Train Bleu’ Nijinska worked with plot writer Jean Cocteau, composer Darius Milhaud, and with costumes by Coco Chanel and monumental stage curtain designed by Pablo Picasso and executed by Prince Shervashidze, the largest of all canvasses signed by Picasso, who also wrote on it a dedication to Diaghilev.


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